This is the testnet for the Ergo IRC server. It will typically be running
a recent build of the master branch. You should feel free to use the testnet
for any non-abusive testing of Ergo, or of new IRCv3 features implemented
by Ergo. Ask in our support channel (#ergo on, or #ergo on if you have questions.

To connect to the server, you can:

1. Connect with an IRC client using TLS on port 6697:
2. Connect with an IRC client using plaintext on port 6667:
3. Connect using IRC over TLS-secured websockets:
4. Use our demonstration web-based clients: Kiwi or gamja.
5. Connect with a Tor-capable IRC client using plaintext on port 6667
   (relying on the encryption provided by onion routing):

Have fun!

If you are testing our EXTJWT implementation, our RSA public signing key
is here.